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    1) Who can become an Affiliate?

    Currently, we welcome all residents of the United States that are 18 years of age or older. You must be a resident of the United States to join the affiliate program.

    2) How is commission paid?

    Commission is paid out via Paypal.

    3) How often do I receive commission?

    We offer commission payouts DAILY. We do require a minimum of $5.00 to receive a daily payout. Smaller payouts are done once per month.

    4) What do I earn commission on?

    All affiliates are eligible to receive a commission on every product available at www.kjcorner.com except gift cards.

    5) Can I earn commission for growing a team?

    Yes! We offer downline pay for your level 1 downline. 

    6) Do you offer product discounts for being an Affiliate?

    Yes! In addition to the commission you earn for making sales on your personal website, we give our active affiliates a 35% product discount on any personal order. All discount orders must be made via the main website. No commission or downline commission is given on any affiliate orders.

    7) Do you offer any incentives to your affiliates?

    Yes, at various times, we will have incentives available to affiliates. Make sure you keep a check on the Official Facebook group for more information!